Thursday, November 5, 2009

Drawing 2: Drawing as Seeing & Discovery

Instructor: Martha Wallulis

Drawing 2 ~ Drawing as Seeing Series, Level 2
Part Two: Drawing as Seeing and Discovery, Intro
6 wks, intensive.
Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
November 3 (Registration) – December 15, 2009
Tuition: $180*

Our focus for this 6-wk intensive will be on utilizing drawing as a medium and vehicle for the seeing and discovery of our reality. I have heard it said: “you never really see something until you draw it.” Although there are in actuality many ways to “see” and perceive reality, the act of drawing itself can indeed help to refine perception and give us another means of exploring our world. In this course, we will critically examine, see, and discover visual information progressively. We will utilize foundation drawing tools and techniques to build and develop both quicker studies and finished drawings from still life, live models, and other sources as subject material. Emphasis will be placed on developing work that has personal meaning and value. The student will be asked to document all works created and submit works on CD as well as a physical portfolio at the end of the 6 wks for a critique and portfolio review.

Prerequisite: Basic drawing skills and techniques, foundation, or instructor permission/placement. Requires willingness to be open minded, work hard, complete assignments and participate in individual & group critiques. Must be open to constructive criticism & feedback, willing to work both independently & collaboratively with other artists.

TO REGISTER: Come to CMA Studio on Thursday, Nov 5 6:30pm, Sat Nov 7 10am-4pm, or contact the instructor: / 503.753.4757 .

* The tuition cost is being kept deliberately low for these first few classes at CMA Studio. Please ask the instructor for details in regards to the sliding scale if needed. 

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